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separating agent/cleansing agent

Dissolution Material Of Alginate Impression Material


Compared to the conventional type, water solubility and feeling of transparency
is improved.
Impression material is removed quickly from tray. Tray color is hardly changed.
【How to use】
①Dissolve 50g of this product to 1L of warm water. Measurement is 2 spoons.
②Tray which alginate impression material attached removes a chunk in advance
then dips in a solution.
③Tray which an attachment melted can be cleaned quickly if you brush lightly while washing with water.
④Please use the cleaned tray after washing with the water sufficiently.
■Dissolution material of alginate impression material
●Packaging:1kg bottle
        1kg Economy Stand Pack
        A spoon is attached both of packaging.


Separating material, Resin of sodium alginate is  main ingredient.
Film is strong and the resin surface after separation will be glossy.
It has moderate viscosity and is suitable for open method.
■Separation for denture materials
※Folding Polycontainer 


Low viscosity type. Maintaining a firm film, Separation is also good. It can also be used for the non-open method.
■Separation for denture materials
※Folding Polycontainer

Cleaning Liquid For Pipes And Drain Pipes


It strongly removes the dirt in the pipe because it is alkality.
Because antibacterial agent is combined, it protects the reattachment of the dirt into a pipe and a disagreeable smell is also prevented.
Component 【Fluid: Alkalinity】
Non-ionic surfactant, Antibacterial agent, Sequestering agent, Alkali aids, Anti-rust material and Other
【How to use】
Concentration of use: 10 times dilution
How to use: Aspirate 10 times of diluting solution of 100ml-300ml after finishing medical care, please leave until next morning.
Please rinse thoroughly with tap water before medical care in the next morning.
■Cleaning liquid of pipe and spittoon
●Packaging:Folding polycontainer

Separating Material Of Alginate Impression Material


Alginate impression material is separated and removed from tray efficiently with strong seepage force.
Because there is very little dissolution of impression material, a solution can use for a long time and it is economical.
Disinfection effect protects the corrosion of liquid.
Component【Fluid: Weak acidity】
Non-ionic surfactant, Cationic surfactant, Antibacterial agent and Other
【How to use】
①Please use it with the undiluted solution.
②Please dip into a solution the tray which alginate impression material attached as it is.
③After strip the tray from impression material, please brush lightly while washing with water.
④Please rinse thoroughly the cleaned tray with water and dry it.
Standard Dipping Time
One side of jaw tray: Net type(20 minutes), Hole type(50-90 minutes) and No hole type(80-150 minutes)
Jaw tray: Net type(30-60 minutes), Hole type(60-120 minutes) and No hole type(90-180 minutes)
■Separating solution of alginate impression material
●Packaging:Folding polycontainer

Anti-Rust Cleaning Liquid For Small Instrument


It excels in the washing and disinfection effect to a contamination such as blood attached to small instruments, and an instrument is protected from rust by the anti-rust effect.
Because it is matachromasy, the replacement time of liquid can judge easily (Liquid material becomes yellow at replacement time).
Component 【Fluid: Alkalinity】
Benzalkonium chloride, CAE, Non-ionic surfactant, Glycol series activator, Anti-rust material,
Alkali aids and Other
【How to use】
① In case of dip cleaning: Small Instrument(Please dip more than 10 minutes with 2 times of diluted solution), Instrumentation(Please dip more than 30 minutes with approx. 30 times of diluted solution.)
②In case of ultrasonic cleaning:Small instrument (10 times of diluted solution)、Instrumentation(100 times of diluted solution)
③Other instruments:General dipping(2-5% of diluted solution), Ultrasonic cleaning(0.5-1% of diluted solution)
④Rinsing:Please rinse the cleaning liquid thoroughly with water after cleaning both of dip cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning, and remove the moisture. And also, please perform the sterilization treatment if necessary.
■Cleaning liquid of small instrument
●Packaging:Folding polycontainer

Cleaning Liquid For Fat Dissolution


Cleaning liquid for an oil cake is effective only in dipping the prosthesis with rouge.
Organic builder increases the action of non‐ionic surfactant, antiredeposition agent suppresses the reattachment of an oil to prosthesis.
Component 【Fluid: Alkalinity】
Non-ionic surfactant, Water solubility solution, Organic builder, Antiredeposition agent, Other
【How to use】
①In case of dip cleaning: 10% dilution of standard cleaning liquid concentration (They are 100ml to the water of 1L.)
②In case of ultrasonic cleaning: 5% diluted solution (They are 50ml to the water of 1L.) Washing time should operate an ultrasonic cleaner for 2 - 5 minutes.
③Rinsing:Please rinse thoroughly the cleaning thing to be washed which was dipped into the diluted solution of cleaning liquid of oil cakes both of dipping and ultrasonic cleaning.
■Rouge and Oil Cleaning Liquid
●Packaging:Folding polycontainer

Wax Pattern Separating Material


Surfactant is the main component. 
Separation of the wax pattern is very easy if it is applied to plaster model, artificial teeth and metal surface.
■Separation of the plaster model and Wax pattern
●Packaging:100ml(A brush is included.)  

Wax Pattern Surface Treatment Material


It protects the rough surface of casting or occurrence of air bubble by applying to the wax pattern before investing.
Also, painting of investment can be done smoothly. Spray type is efficient and can be applied equally.
■Wax Pattern Surface Treatment Material
●Packaging:100ml(a brush is included.)/bottle
         220ml/spray can


It is used for separating of gypsum and investment.
With alcohol-based, it can be used immediately after application.
■Gypsum Separation

Removal Material For Oxide Film


It is removal liquid of oxide film which is prepared for palladium alloys.
It excels in removal of the strong oxide film of palladium alloys.
Because it can be used repeatedly, it is economical.
It also can be used to remove oxide film of gold alloys in addition to palladium alloys.
It also can be used to remove a film.
Component 【Fluid: Acidity】
Inorganic acid, Mineral salt and Other
【How to use】
①Take out undiluted solution of cleaning liquid of oxide film in proper quantity in a resin container.
②Dip palladium alloys cast into the cleaning liquid of oxide film.
③Warming cleaning liquid of oxide film will show disinfection effect further.
④Please wash enough in cold water the cleaning thing to be washed which is taken out from liquid and perform cleaning by brushing if necessary.
■Cleaning liquid for palladium oxide film

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